Mobile Analyzed data of checked for 10 States.

1 years ago  

Mobile Overview of has analyzed for 5 total rules.'s speed score is 69 has 1 red rules that must fix. has 4 yellow rules that require fixing but not urgent. has 5 rules succeed.

Page Redirects has no redirects.

Gzip Compression

1 javascript codes in your page to compress.

4.5KiB size could be compressed.

73% size percent could be commpressed.

/scripts/js3caf.js compressing source, provides 4.5KiB (73% reduction).

Browser Caching has 7 cacheable resources.


Compress Css has CSS files are minimized succesfully.

Compress Html has Html files are minimized successfully.

Compress Javascript has 1 javascript files could be compressed.

1.6KiB size could be compressed

26% size percent could be compressed compressing source, provides 1.6KiB (26% reduction).

Render Blocking Resources has 3 files that blocking render.

1 blocking render. Remove render-blocking JavaScript: resources;

2 blocking render. Optimize CSS Delivery of the following: resources;

Compress Images has Images are optimized.

Visible Content

Configured well.

Mistaken Typos